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Default YAK-52 Gear Lever

Two bindings for it in the settings, yet they don't work. The lever does not move up, only down.

I'm talking about the "move lever down"/"mover lever up" keybids, not the "gear up" "gear down".

Since I don't want to bind another button for the neutral lever position, I'd like to just move it up and down with buttons on my HOTAS.

In fact, the whole of keybinds for Yak are a mess.


Does anyone know how I can change this setting in the config in the text file so that they work? I am a little rusty on config editing.
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The gear and flaps both have a neutral position to keep from bleeding out the air source.
I've successfully mapped my TM Warthog switches to function as 2-way toggles using RS Mapper, for both gear and flaps. Its free and pretty easy to configure.
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