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Urg!! The Mig 19 is in a such unreleasable state??
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Originally Posted by ZnarF View Post
Urg!! The Mig 19 is in a such unreleasable state??

it’s always better to have a working feature, than not.
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Originally Posted by ZnarF View Post
Urg!! The Mig 19 is in a such unreleasable state??
Based on the preview videos it does not need much polish.

Obviously there is a standard (or a desire to meet a standard) of polish required for release, and they are taking additional time to meet it. There is no need to panic or assume the sky is falling.
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Originally Posted by naizarak View Post
ED finally starts enforcing quality control? about time...

Especially after the Hawk cluster .... and other long delays on improvements or fixes for other modules.
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Originally Posted by ZnarF View Post
Urg!! The Mig 19 is in a such unreleasable state??
It isn't, but RAZBAM feels they can give it more polish. Or Polish. One or the other.

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Rather have a polished module then a perpetual beta. Just look at Fallout 76 and the dumpster fire that is.
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initially, bummer about the news... But, understood, and fully supported. Makes sense! I'll buy when you guys release! keep up the good work, and the focus on QA!

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No problem with that. I then hope the Harrier gets its cockpit texture update along with final bug squashing and remaining features added to complete it.
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I like to buy fighter modules in pairs, so I can try it out from the "other side" as it were. No F-100 means no MiG-19 for me

They can take their time if they want, for those who grab it 'fresh' it'll probably be a better module if they have the time to iron out more of the bugs.

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I didn't even know it was due to be released so it's news to me !!

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