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Originally Posted by VitS View Post
Oh come on. He upgraded from 1800x which is not remotely fast in gaming. Even intel 8400 was faster than 1800x in any game including dcs

This, plus:

This comparison is super flawed. On 1st screenshot game is rendering everything to horizon. On 2nd screen it only renders few kilometers. Are you trying to justify your purchase?
OP, you should show the CPU Frametime in the screenshot rather than the GPU, no?
Talking in regards to fpsVR

I have zero brand loyalty, if AMD's new CPUs provide more performance/fps in DCS, I'll happily sell my 9900k platforms and switch. I'm not seeing any evidence of this so far, nor in most other games - the 9900k/2080ti combo still looks so far to be overall a bit faster. That, and the fact that I've been using them for 9 months now, and the new Ryzen stuff just came out, so I'd rather wait another quarter or two and see what Intel answers with before making any major swaps of MB/CPU. I know many also care about ratio and bang/$, but I don't, not within reason at least, if a couple/few hundred more $ gets me a faster performing platform, that's what I want still. I have zero interest in Blender/whatever application performance, watching a little cup/icon spin around and faster rates doesn't hold much interest for me, all i care about with a gaming PC is the end result in terms of FPS/quality. If I was to hit my upgrade cycle right now, perhaps the fastest AMD Ryzen cpu would hold some interest, but even then, as others have posted the 8600k and 8700k are still right in the running, and switching from them to AMD is still a pretty open question if gaming is priority one.

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Originally Posted by Emra View Post
Intel 8700K is still the best CPU for the money. It runs far cooler than the overrated 9900/9700K.

It doesn`t matter what cooler you use the 9700K`s run way to hot. Heat kills a CPU in short order.

Get the proven 8700K and cool with Noctua Air.

Could'nt agree anymore, my 8700k@5.0 ghz reaches 65°c with my Noctua nh-d15
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Originally Posted by Thick8 View Post
Maybe I'll hold off on the 2080ti till I've seen what the CPU will do.
Keep in mind, in VR you're looking to gain time, and there's more than one way to skin that cat. Easy to understand how a CPU upgrade will improve performance on a busy multiplayer map. What surprised me was, I gained 3ms in frame time even on an empty solo mission where I would have thought I was GPU limited. Which allowed me to up my settings a little.
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