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Originally Posted by bbrz View Post
Regardless if the radome is new, old, dirty or not, in no case there is a green hue.

I've seen plenty that have inherited a light red tint do to the amount of bugs/mosquitos they've nailed on approach. It wouldn't at all surprise me if some faded a light shade of green from certain outdoor conditions. Hell, my time at Kunsan AB exposed me to the ROKAF F-16's and they are definitely not a flat grey in color.

Now to the extent that is shown in the EA WIP DCS F-16, I think there's a little more fine tuning to make on the textures before they release so I really wouldn't stress out over it. We're still at minimum 2-3 months out from release.
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Oh man... last year I built a 1/32 scale F-16CJ and tried to do my best to make it as accurate as possible with correct research. Trying to figure out the colour of that radome took a while...

In the end, after consulting some rather obsessed fellows over at F-16.net and other sites, it seems they're all painted in the same tone to begin with, which is a shade of grey (can't remember the 'FS' number). And then the fading and weathering begins.

But, and I don't know if this is the same with all fighters (?), the cone was never repainted, due to the sensitivity of the radar equipment. I guess that it'll explain the huge variation you find in tones of aircraft based in different regions and subject to different forces of natures.
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The radome is usually made out of glass fiber reinforced plastic because a non conductive material must be used. Same goes for antenna fairings. And as already said it is normally not allowed to apply any kind of paint because of possible blockage/distortion of the radar.
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I think that now is not the time to discuss the color of its fairing on the game screenshots, this is still WIP. Let's see what will happen when it is finished, or at least will be released in early access.
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Don't forget to take into account reflected light. Depending on the surrounding colors, like trees or dirt, concrete or sky, the model will reflect light according to the rendering engine. Matte or gloss will have some effect but it should be subtle and not look like a moss or algae coating. To me gray-er is better.

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Even if the color looks a bit out of place for some people, it is actually miles better than the original color for the Block 1 which was black.
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I said something recently about people nit picking over random minutiae and here we have a 'concern thread' about the nose cone shading of a partially textured model. Exhibit A.
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Also something for the skinners - artistic grime removal

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The F-16's radome has one job: to provide an aerodynamic covering of the radar assembly, and to allow the radar to "see" through it at the same time. The radome is not painted, but its neoprene coating is initially about the same color as the forward fuselage section (FS36270).
However, the coating is very sensitive to dirt and grime, and quickly darkens as a result of contaminants in the air. A radome is seldom replaced, so the color will continue to darken as it ages. During the Jet's routine repaint, the radome will remain unpainted. For this reason there is no "correct" color to represent a accurate radome. It can be any color between FS 36270 and dark grey.
That said, hope OP is now informed. to pick up on a small detail such as that.. the mind boggles..

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No one has heard of pollen? I grew up in a region where, every spring, you would wake up in the morning to find your car covered in green powder. As Pukedogg said, the radome isn't painted at all, and it gets its "color" from picking up environmental crap.
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