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Default Special option request for gun loading....

I had never heard of this but it's super interesting the idea of skipping a round every 50 rounds.

Seems strange to me that the gun would stop dead when it hits the gap (isn't the M61 specifically designed to continue operating even if a round fails to fire?) but would it be possible to implement something like this under special options or in the ME?
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Actually it is already an option while in the ground. Bring up your knee board and instructions for it are shown.

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Yes, it can be set to 50, 100 or 200 rounds bursts. I wish we had an option for less, like 25 as well... when you have attained some training utilizing the M61ED watercan at point blank range, you're a marksman par excellene in the Tomcat and anything in excess of 25 rounds is a waste of valuable ressources anyway
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On the topic of the gun, what load should I be selecting for air to air?
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