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Default Mission 2 (search and rescue, Mi-8)

Hello guys,

what am I supposed to do after finding the ghost ship (all I found was smoke on the water surface) ?
I got very frustrated today after actually properly doing the first 2 legs tracking NDB outbound from gelendzik (not sure if magnetic variation or coastal refraction exists in dcs) and using the Doppler to correct for wind.
I first started picking up random emergency vhf signals on 121.5 on the arc-ud which got me off the course 2 times and then after actually seeing the red flare and picking up the proper signal the voices of my copilot and the SAR operation organizer girl overlapped and I didn't know what to do from there.
there was no boat and no raft, the only thing I found was red smoke on top of the sea surface.
thanks for the help
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Something must be wrong.
When i found the red flare, it turned out a broken cargo ship. I made a hover over it, after some radio chatters i turned back. Actually radio message told me to turn back to the ship but i didin't because i got bored i was flying more than an hour and it was my second attempt.
even though i didin't turn back to the ship, It said mission success
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Ok so after some trial by error I finally managed to properly finish the mission, and I have to say the plot itself is very nice but the trigger to get the ship to show up is a bit stupid!
so I stayed on the course and after crossing waypoint 5 I truned the arc-ud on and turned towards the ship which appeared this time.
so I hovered over it and dropped the radio, then got into contact with the captain which requested me to vacate some of his injured sailors, I wasnt allowed to do so as it was a cargo ship but then a random radio transmission comes in a says that it will arrive in 3 min, which was weird because there was no aircraft in the area according to the SAR unit.
and suddenly out of nowhere a russian Submarine surface the sea about 100m away from the ship and they tell me they will take charge and I can RTB.
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