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Default Question about today's change log

Which failure was added today? None of them say flaps, maybe they mean pneumatic compressor failure?

EDIT - possible not a mission editor failure, over speeding flaps now comes with a thump and flaps pushed partially up, this may be what they meant.

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While I really appreciate ED is working on the Yak-52 (again) I don't quite understand what they are working on.
There are now flap failures, but the basic flap drag is still way too high...
Performing a go-around according the RW procedure (establish a climb at 160km/h before retracting the flaps) is impossible.

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The meaning of the OB additions has probably been lost in translation.
It makes more sense in Russian:

  • Изменены звуки отказов механизации.
  • Добавлено лязганье для механических отказов закрылков.
I understand it as : sound effect for flaps actuation failure + sound effect when jamming the flaps (over speed).

I've tested the second and it's a nice addition.
Hopefully more to come for our lovely Yak.
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Good to know that they added sound effects for failures... But I would be more excited for the carb controls to be more functioning, fixed pilot body, the messed up startup to be fixed, and etc. bugs mentioned in the subforum. So far hopeful for more addition!
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