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Cool to see I'm not the only one that like the J-7, yes it will be a G, at least my 3d model is.

BTW, a MiG-15UTI, JJ-2 would be amazing!
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I would absolutely LOVE a J-7! Especially one of the late variants with double delta wings, upgraded radar, cockpit, and air to ground capabilities!

I don't know how many of those would be possible to create for DCS, if any at all... but, there are many interesting aircraft from China that would be cool to have.
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Originally Posted by J-20 View Post


If it is a J-7G, that won't be just another fishbed. It has a new double delta wings which is design to increase its maneuverability and reduce the bleed of speed during high AOA maneuvering. I once heard that they tested with Pakistan's F-16A. The results shown that without BVR missiles, just use short range IR missiles and the internal cannon for dog fight, F-16A had no advantage over the J-7G.
+1 here.

Tried the J-7 in best close thing to a PC sim at the "Free Falcon 5"...
Regardless of, if the flight model was more or less accurate, it was clearly more maneuverable than the MiG-21Bis.

I would buy it.
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Would it be outside of the realm of possibility to see other variants of it as well such as the J-7M or are only 90s and 2000s varaints being considered
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