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Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
Yes we do, cause we have a maintenance guy onboard that send me the link to the video and we discussed it. Not uch happened to the airframe itself. It was checked more into the depth but that is it. Nothing roke or anything, and the magic to such flight is a simple one. Do not cut your tail
Have a different story about that air frame and what happened to the pilot. But you know aviation... it is indeed a pit of stories... some true, some myth.

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A helicopter is able to hover, relocate it’s position while in a hover, take off and land vertically without the aid of rockets or other unattached devices, and is without competition in these arenas.

Fixed wing aircraft cannot even compete with it, but then they have their own specific missions.

Helicopters don’t need to “keep up with the Joneses” to maintain their worth, imho.
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Well there's Crop dusting and cattle herding

Say wouldn't a light (door lees) version of a 342 be awesome fun cat herding,..

And yes it's a thing I saw it on the internet.
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