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Default Possibility of Adjusting Site elevation in the L?

I know that awhile back the sight was changed to have more similarity to the Thales T100. Currently the piper on the sight is at the identical elevation for both weapon systems, thus giving the rockets an approximate aim point of .6 NM or about 1100 meters when fired from level flight at about 450 m, or in a shallow dive from that altitude. The US FM 3-04.140(FM 1-140) Helicopter Gunnery, details the 70mm Hydra rocket as being most effective between 3000m-5000m. The SNEB is slower then the Hyrda at burnout, but I'd guess the optimum engagement distance is still probably longer then 1000 m.

Ideally the sight would be adjustable, just as the actual T100 is, allowing for adjustments based on the observed impact of the rounds. I get that this is probably a little more functionality then you'd probably like to spend time putting into the sight itself. At a minimum would it be possible to have the rocket reticle shifted so that the center point is the 3000m impact point?


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