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Default Anyone finished the first campaign with realistic flight/avionics mode ?

I have played simulators all my life. Lomac, LHX attack chopper, Gunship's, Falcon's, IL-2 to name a few. But i have never played anything so hard than this. This is like a big daddy of all simulators. I managed to complete campaign on game mode, but i just don't see myself doing it at realistic.
I'm not saying it is a bad thing, quite the opposite. It's just amazing that finally after all these years i finally encounter a SIM i just don't know how to play.

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Are you kidding me? I just got off the ground.
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"Deployment" campaign isn't hard, except escort mission, which can be difficult, just because infantries are hard to see under trees and there is not much time to wipe them out. However, correct deployment of S-8 (launching a salvo while pitching) can solve that problem as large area will be covered with rockets.
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^^ yes I have, allthough I started playing the russian version when it came out, so it has taken a few weeks to complete (maybe 2 hours every 2 or 3 days).
This campain is very very good if you ask me...exactly the sort of thing I like, with realistic flight times, and a not unreasonable workload requirement (aka "single handedly destroy this tank column!") .. + some of the visuals are amazing..the mission "Dusk" in particular really defines the whole experience for me....when you have to know how to dim your internal lighting, and the brightness / contrast of your MFD, you know your flying a hard core sim

Have just started playing the big semi-dynamic campain (chapter 1), and am allready finding it much more difficult, due to it's greater target density, and more aggresive air defences.....
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I really enjoyed mission 3 of the deployment campaign... killing the targets was easy, but the IFR transit over the mountains through cloud and descending into the river valley trusting my Abris was one of the best flight sim experiences I've ever had. It was a bit like riding a motorbike with your eyes closed. (7 seconds @60mph is my personal best)

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