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Originally Posted by Hardcard View Post
  A2ADispatcher:SetSquadron( "Stennis","unit name of the carrier in ME", { "ALERT 5" }, 20 )

This worked like a champ! Thanks for the help!

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Aside from what EntropySG said, I don't recommend writing your scripts directly in ME.
Use either Notepad++ or LDT to write your scripts for DCS (I recommend LDT because it has intellisense).

Here's a YT series explaining how to set yourself up.

As for the script itself, you could do this for each group you want to respawn in your mission (these groups must be set to late activation in ME. Modify coloured fields according to your mission needs):

local SpawnGroup = SPAWN:New("Name of the late activated group in ME"):InitLimit(maximum number of units in the group allowed to exist at any one time , total number of times the group will be spawned)
:SpawnScheduled(spawn scheduler interval in seconds , 1 )

The script will spawn the units in the group (up to the specified maximum number and provided they aren't already present on the map) every time the spawn scheduler runs.
If the maximum amount of units in that group is already present on the map, none will spawn.
When all units in that group are destroyed, new ones will spawn the next time the spawn scheduler runs (this will go on as many times as you specify)

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