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Not sure where're you headed to with this one Yurgon?
Is Gierasimov plotting with an unknown 4th party to ruin Ugra's reputation, and ED's along with it? Since we don't know for certain, let's be on the safe side and assume the worst
Neither I mentioned I was plotting anything, nor said anything about any "4th party".

Baco, you are right, I am too a big fan of ED and been with them since the very beginning. Lack of news is prompting these comments, which from time to time are heard and commented by those who actually know.

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Originally Posted by Gierasimov View Post
Not sure where're you headed to with this one Yurgon?
I was merely speculating from information I have, and information I don't have.

If you're saying these are unsubstantiated claims made up out of thin air... then I hope you get my point.

Because that's exactly what I am trying to say: some people on this thread have been making unsubstantiated claims out of thin air, that serve no purpose at all other than to put a smear on ED or the 3rd parties.

What do we know about the Syrian map? Nothing new apparently. Why don't we all just leave it at that?

Originally Posted by Baco View Post
Well after being a DCS client for over 10 years (More of ED and the Fighter collection) i have learned that there is no point in arguing worrying or wondering. If things are going to happen they will, if not they wont, and no amount of discussion in this forums will change that hehehe.
Well said.
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