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Originally Posted by Shadok View Post
By this way I can increase the number of command on my joystick in DCS ( for example: ctrl + button1, alt + button1, etc...).
But with SRS, from what I see, It isn't possible to use combo for assign a command.
In the Controls tab, check the so called modifiers.

You could set up Radio 1 to use "Button 1" and Radio 1 Modifier to use "CTRL" and so on.

I think that's exactly what you're looking for.
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Thanks !

It was what I'm looking for.
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I installed SRS today and it's great! It works in VR like a champ!
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Default Mic click question

When I first installed SRS earlier today with my squad flying spits on multiplayer I could hear mic clicks. This evening in a new secession with them in multiplayer I now have no mic clicks,
This happened the first time I installed SRS months ago. I kind of gave up on SRS because of it, but today I decided to give it a go again. I have the same problem as before. No mic clicks. Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens? It really is a neat program, would love to get it to work properly.
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I think the mic clicks can be enabled/disabled in the settings... Check them. They are On by default, but maybe you switched them off by accident?

Check the TX settings
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Hi there.
Im sorry if this has been mentioned already. Just remembered to ask this - so quickly posted.

(Before I get on with this so called: "life" that gets in the way of personal PC flying time....)

Can we "whitelist" devices ourselves? and if so how? Which file should I open to edit?

I cant seem to include any devices to the radios in settings you see. Even with clicking on the additonal devices button.

The auther very kindly offers his help to "whitelist" devices for us. But to save him time I wonder if we can do it ourselves?

(or have i completely missed the point and its something he has to do to .exe?)

I have a "gazzilion" devices plugged in you see.

(Pedals, warthog, track ir, cougar MFDs, Index, my own personal 20 button input device with some modifications, steering wheel, pedals for those etc etc..)
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A.P. Hill
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Thanks for the tip,
I checked the settings and the radio effects are on
I sure wish I could fix this. SRS without the mic clicks is not all that much fun.
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Default We transmit but do not receive

Hi, we are having problems with SRS. We open ports 5002 and 5003, we add IP but none of us receive. On other servers it works without problems. What are we doing wrong?

EDIT: We have solved the problem thanks to the ESA forum that updated the information at the point that port 5003 is no longer necessary and 5002 has to be open in TCP + UDP
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A.P. Hill
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Got it sorted out. I was not running the exe from the folder where it was installed. When I did that problem solved. I have mic clicks.
Found the answer on the SRS discord channel.
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looking to install latest version.
Downloaded latest zip file.
Unable to see installer?

Is it missing? never had this as an issue before, just used to unzip downloaded folder and there it was.

DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone-master is the zip file I downloaded. Don't remember "master" being there before.
Is that why? still cannot see "installer"

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