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Now we have a Map mode radar only, not suitable for target acquisition-tracking.
When we will have EXP and other modes, i think the radar become more useful; probably not like the tpod, maybe...
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Originally Posted by Hardcard View Post
Awesome? I'd gladly get rid of it, in its current state

A/G radar's resolution is so low that most targets can't be seen.
Even in ideal conditions, where the targets can be seen, A/G radar's accuracy is simply not good enough for weapon employment.

Tpod designation is still faster and way more accurate as far as I can tell.

We'll see how the finished A/G radar compares to Tpod... for now, I'll keep it disabled.
That's exactly what people who know about the A/G radar have been saying for month's: it isn't generally used all that often IRL due it's limitations, it's not a silver bullet etc. etc.
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In order for the radar to provide any kind of usable resolution, it will have such a reduced range and scan size that its effectively seeing the same area as a tpod.

Anything more coarse than that and all you are seeing will be islands airfields and cities, something that can be found using the moving map just as well.
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Itll come in handy for finding moving targets like convoys etc. It was certainly handy in F4 and IM looking forward to it being in game here
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