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Don't hold your breath.
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Originally Posted by klem View Post
Don't hold your breath.

Write the theme tune. . . sing the theme tune....
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Whilst I agree it's a nuisance, it is just that: a nuisance, nothing more.

The fact is during a dogfight the speed changes come so thick and fast you're better off using your feet (somewhat easier - though not easy! - given that the airload on the rudder is now modelled).

Strafing is a little more inportant but given that you tend to be increasing speed in the attack dive you should still be adjusting your rudder input as the dive progresses.

I find currently getting it in the ball park and then leaning on the rudder for the remaining bit is managable.

I would prefer to see the bomb load, drop tanks and wing tip options enabled first - if the FM tweaks in this regard take prioroty.
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Hi all

I got a little workaround for those of you who use a TM Warthog with the Target software.

This fires off a sequence of tiny key strokes as long as you keep the button/hat pressed. The good thing about this is that you are able to let it be pressed for only once and for only a short time (20ms in this example). The delay of 100ms helps for getting your fingers off the button/hat before the next key stroke happens. Obviously, the wheel now turns much slower, but you could define multiple different speeds and use a modifier if this is not good enough for you.

Put these lines somewehre after: SetKBLayout(KB_ENG);
int Trim_left = REXEC(0, 100, "ActKey(CHAIN(KEYON+DOWN+R_CTL+',', D(20), KEYON+UP+R_CTL+','));");
int Trim_right = REXEC(1, 100, "ActKey(CHAIN(KEYON+DOWN+R_CTL+'/', D(20), KEYON+UP+R_CTL+'/'));");

Use your own definitions here, mine changes the view per default and when used with the modifier switch it trims for all 3 layers:
MapKeyIOUMD(&Joystick, H1L, Trim_left, KP4, Trim_left, KP4, Trim_left, KP4);
MapKeyIOUMD(&Joystick, H1R, Trim_right, KP6, Trim_right, KP6, Trim_right, KP6);

Don’t forget to remove the original H1L and H1R lines.

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