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Default JTAC/CAS series anyone?


I've created a couple videos going into some detail about conducting CAS or close air support. I am testing the waters to see if there is a number of people that would like to see something like this continue.

Its my first attempt at making a youtube video and my two videos do have a watermark until I see if others can use this info or even care to take their DCS experience to another level.

Thanks for your time!


Type 1 control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzBjAMiJTVo

Routing and safety of flight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2PZd_N21gI
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I find this highly interesting and am looking forward to what you are coming up in the future!

Two additional thoughts, though: 1. Get rid of that background music - it is distracting a bit. And maybe more important: for me, as a layman, you were going a bit too quickly over some aspects. For example, in the first video you showed check lists and CAS briefings, etc. to illustrate the comms flow - but it was not always clear to me which the corresponding items on the check lists were in regards to what the protagonists were talking about.
Or in the second video, that keyhole concept ... I could derieve the idea behind what you were talking about, but still, why "keyhole"? And what was that "V-Diagram & Keyhole CAS" chart about?

But to learn all about this stuff - that is what I am looking for. All the RL details, that we DCS pilots probably never heard of before, considering we probably only ever saw the JTAC comms menu in DCS...

But thumbs up! Looking forward to more!
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Thanks for your feedback! Loud and clear.

Keyhole, with one grid allows the guy on the ground to come up with "steaks" if you will right quick without giving everyone and their dog IP's or initial points. It helps the guy on the ground.

The V diagram applies to all cardinal directions of the Keyhole. Thanks for pointing that out. The base of the V would be surface and the top of the V is really skies the limit. In this case if people were stacked at Bravo you could pencil a helo at 0-300, A-10 10-12 and F-18s 15-16K feet. I missed that and thanks for pointing it out again.
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I find these videos excellent. They are neither too short, nor too long, they summarize by concrete examples the control or routing procedures without entering into explanations that could be very long and boring ...

For my part, I am quite familiar with these procedures and I see these videos as a great addition to the "J-Fire" and "Joint Publication 3-09.3 Close air support".

Besides Flagrum I invite you to consult these two documents that are easy to find on the net, all diagrams in the video are explained in detail and all the steps of the 9-line too.

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Like I said on Discord, I think these videos are just excellent and I can't wait to see more of this stuff!

I've had the great opportunity to learn the basics of CAS and JTACing with the 132nd Virtual Wing, so these videos provide some first hand examples of how all that stuff looks like in a realistic scenario.

However, I believe there's a pretty big gap where the basics of CAS aren't really explained to DCS players (or the general public, for that matter). In that regard, these videos are pretty advanced in that they require a lot of prior knowledge to make sense. This is not meant as criticism, but if you would like to take it all a lot slower, and start with the basics, I'm sure there'd be a whole lot to learn for the DCS community as well, because CAS is such an integral part for many of the current modules.

In any case, great stuff, keep it coming!
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Love this, and our next training Tuesday is focused on JTAC with rotorcraft (5-Line) in fact.

I would like to see some text on screen while the comms are running that shows which portions of the comms flow are being discussed or read out. It's very easy to get lost in it.

e.g. pop up a message that basically says what the pilot or JTAC is saying, and which portion of the dialogue it is from.

By all means keep on going, because this is AWESOME, and an often ignored area of tremendous realism that is available in DCS right at our fingertips.


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I also gave you my thoughts on Discord already, but I'll post them here for posterity so they don't get lost in the chat backlog.

This is a great example of a simple Type 1 control. Don't take the rest the wrong way, I'm going harder on you because you're legit and you are going for accuracy.

- A-10 checked in with position and altitude.
- You were immediately directive with where to put him upon initial contact and Pt E passed.
- Didn't pass irrelevant parts of the Situation Update.
- Gave intent for fires, yes!
- Good Contact and Captured calls, proper usage.
- Good job actually trying to assess nose position in CA. I say F that noise because the interface is not good.
- "Kill everything, with everything, simultaneously" a man after my own heart.

- Elevation usually isn't necessary for Pt E unless it is the target grid and out of convenience.
- Didn't hear A-10 pass playtime in Check-in.
- Lines 1-3 passed as "10" rather than "Charlie 10", room for confusion.
- We usually preface Line 4 with "Elevation" after using Keyhole in 1-3 to prevent confusion.
- Readbacks given prior to restrictions? Wastes time having to give them twice with more A/C on station.
- Tally might not have been proper if he didn't look outside the cockpit, unclear.
- "Hawg's IN, 360" with a maneuvering inverted aircraft that hasn't completed its roll-in and gone wings level.

Interesting Verbiage Differences: (not necessarily wrong)
- "Posit" vs "Position and altitude"
- "Echo point" vs "Point Echo"
- "Break" between N and E grids vs natural pause in cadence
- "Blocking" vs "Block"
- "Targeting pod talk-on" vs just "Talk-on" or "Sensor talk-on" (no VDL)
- "Egress West" (from C10) vs "Left pull"
- "Between 340 and 020" vs "Final attack heading 340 through 020"
- "Departing IP" vs "IP Inbound"
- "Hawg 11 Off West" vs "Off safe, two away"

Great work, man. I would say it may not be super accessible for people not already familiar with the execution template or the process, but you did what you could with the subtitle explanations.

You also don't sound super confident with the material. I recommend a few rehearsals prior to the next one so it sounds less like you're either thinking it up on the spot or reading it off a script.

I definitely want to see more.

Also, I didn't know you had a second video so I guess I'll have to go check that out too.
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Guys thanks for all the data. NOTED!

@Yurgon. My intent is to break down the type 1 video in smaller videos so viewers can focus on what they need to work on or understand.

@fargo eventually I can cover rotary stuff.

@Chicken there are no issues here. We always said "cheat to win"! With that said Ill trim the fat, have my own words here and there. No 2 cas missions are alike as far as I am concerned.

For the "OTHERS" comment we are light years away from informing people sitting at a computer how to do the job when we were paid to perform these tasks and lives mattered. Over time I may find a way to have a "best" performance video.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and I am thick skinned. Ill try some other methods to do videos and if I find a cool and better way I may revamp my older videos if that day comes.

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Yep, no worries. As long as the point comes across and everyone understands, verbiage differences aren't an issue at all, I just found them interesting.

Hell, verbiage differences and language barriers are one of the reasons you'd do a Type 1 in the first place, so it was probably appropriate.

Either way, this is the best example of this I've seen in DCS, so keep 'em coming.
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1st video support and breaking down the type 1 control is up for those that missed it.

For your consideration. Routing and safety of flight.

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