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Yes, all good replies thanks. It's a shame the atc is such a mess in DCS. In the Caucasus though I have no such issues really. I'm not that impressed with the red flag campaign as a whole, but that's another thread
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Originally Posted by David OC View Post
I know the ATC is getting updated, I still wish there was an easy way to disable it completely in the option menu [...]
Good idea.

On the other hand, just don't tune into ATC's freq and they won't bother you.

In my squad we usually use ATC-freq +0.1 so that we can derive the freq from DCS but can communicate our intentions without being bothered by it. For instance, in Nellis we use 327.1 (instead of 327.0).

In SP, unless the mission requires the player to be on that freq, I think it's more realistic to say your intentions to your PC screen ("Hawg 1-1 at apron south, taxi runway 07 via Golf" or whatever) than using the in-game ATC.
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You can go to on of the EORs like in the video. Also, feel free to ignore ATC.
The overall taxi and-do-whatever depends on how the taxi is briefed. You could brief a direct taxi and feed-on to the runway, in which case you configure everything before taxi and go straight to the runway for take-off. No stopping anywhere for anything ... so whichever method you choose is up to you.

Originally Posted by mastersetter View Post
All, im currently working my way through Red flag 16-2 for the WH. I have a question about taking off at nellis. I'm used to stopping short of the runway, asking atc for takeoff - canopy & arming seat & cms systems, pitot heat etc. All overkill I realise but I just like to do it anyway. Where do I stop before I taxi onto the runway to complete these steps? If I stop before the yellow hash line, and ask for T/O clearance, atc doesn't reply, then I taxi onto the runway and he says I don't have clearance, seconds later I get clearance but I'm on my way anyway as I know it doesn't matter, just annoying.

Thanks for any info.

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