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windows may report the program as having stopped working on first load because it takes a long time to rebuild the shaders.
so it takes an age to get into the hangar with the mig 29 and menu.

and it takes an age to load the first mission.

but after that all is good.

so start it and go make a coffee if you are having issues with it loading.
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Fantastic FPS MOD. Flying VR to be meant. Missing shaders is no gamebreaker for me. Since 2.5 VR users struggling with stutters and frames pro second. Looking forward.
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Thanks much Kegetys for sharing this mod.

It works great. Just tried it with Hornet in a caucasus SP mission, and it's a big increase in perf while I don't notice any real downgrade in visuals' quality.

I had, with my Rift, to increase Masksize to 0.65 to completely get rid of "borders bug", but that must varie according to user's morphology.

Basically with my settings I went from 1.2 PD / MSAA 2x to 1.7 PD / MSAA 2x, while keeping 45fps with asw 99% of the time. That is not trivial.

The way MSAA is applied everywhere except the borders seems very clever, MSAA being a big performance hitter.
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I'm back on hacking DCS shaders with 3dmigoto :
I can now increase brightness of cockpit parts and mask labels by cockpit frames. I'm still working of a better zoom, but it's harder than with il2 Bos...
Maybe it should be interesting to make your mod in 3dmigoto ?

It does not change DCS files, so no problem with integrity. Do you know this lib ?
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Wow, that sounds very promising
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I noticed that L-39 gunsight is almost 100% transparent. You can see a very slight rim shader around the gunsight position when against clear blue sky or when looking from a side of the gunsight.
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Originally Posted by Brixmis View Post
You could try that for yourself, surely?

I would say delete the Bazar\shaders\model\functions\glass.hlsl file - or leave the original in there instead.

If still no worky, you probably know the answer

Might be nice to get together a list of modules people are having problems with?

I can confirm that this works! I just copied the original glass.hlsl file back into the functions folder. Thanks for that Brixmis.

This mod is pretty amazing! Thanks Kegetys!
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Cool mod but nvg is not working correctly and if you have fog and clouds the ground is black ...?

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Great mod. Key thing is to make sure you have the patience for the first start up. (Takes 5 - 10 minutes to rebuild the shaders).

OP - incredible job, you are a genius!

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I tried it but it didn't rebuild the shaders after I removed them, any ideas ?
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