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Originally Posted by jimiC View Post
Is it possible to get an ic ok version for mp or is there practically no changes that will work in that case

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Nope, not unless ED does it as it makes changes to core game files

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Wow, Kegetys to the rescue! While I don't own VR gear yet (waiting for next gen), I can only imagine you guys are in for a treat.

This guy is a true talent and THE WIZARD of modding (you would know, if you ever played OFP or ARMA). I really hope ED will pay attention to what he brings to the game.
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Yesterday give it a try and while I can't check the performance improvement ( ASW was active and locked at 45 fps ) I feel that was back in time to 1.5 version of DCS so for sure it would give a big performance improvement. Unfortunately I can't go back to these graphic quality levels, but congrats to the autor for his great job.
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So yes, i will critic and demand if i need to.
Nothing wrong with criticism per se. But constantly using phrases like "they can't make anything like this" is just stupid and thoughtless, because if you don't have any manners, you won't get heard either. How old were you again?
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There are a lot of interesting ideas in this mod. The ED team can try to take over some of them in future releases. I will test this on my computer as soon as I get the time. I only fly in vr, so this is huge for me. I believe the most important part is the MSAA can be limited to the middle of the screen. This is the first step to forfeated rendering and a very big deal for us.
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can anyone guide as to how to open and edit a HLSL file to increase the MASKSIZE VALUE?

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Thanks for the mod, always appreciated.
Unfortunately I'm getting an error during initial bootup of DCS.
Any good ideas?
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Thank you !
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I have noticed certain units cause a CTD with (what looks like) a shader error with glass_effects or something like that. I can get a screenshot when I get home from work. So far I noticed the Mirage 2000 and the SA-13 cause this.

HOWEVER, I am running so many mods that this could be on my end. Other than that, this mod has made VR smooth as silk for me....and I've got an old rig. This Mod is sheer genius.
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Why haven't the Eagle Dynamics team done something such as this?
It's a good and viable question.
(maybe because of too many other side effects, and not for everyone?).

But, would the Eagle Dynamics team push something such as this Shaders Mode out as a "VR Shaders Option" in the Beta version, if we ask nicely?

Thank you very much "Kegety"
Looking forward to playing around with your finding myself, whenever I can find the time, super busy with RL this month...
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