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Default Su-33 wings snapping off

I’ve been flying the Su-33 quite a lot since PFM has been released in open Beta. Unfortunately, in multiplayer, where I more or less just act as a missile magnet, I hardly ever make it back to the carrier. What is even worse, it is not due to enemy fire, it’s because I just happen to pull back the stick a bit too much just like I would do on the Su-27, and… my wings would snap off.

This happens especially when you’re supersonic and it is without pressing ‘z’ or ‘s’. The Su-27 never did this on me.
I am pretty sure this is a bug, but can anyone tell me with some background knowledge how it should really be?

My assumption would go kind of like this way:
  • The fly-by-wire takes care of not overstressing the airframe and pilot
  • Using the Stick Limiter Override, the fly-by-wire only protects the airframe
  • Direct Control Switch – full control, no protection

As stated, this is an assumption on my side. Would be glad to hear how this was designed in reality.

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The reason it happens in the 33 but not the 27...

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I don't normally necropost threads, but I would like to point out that this problem hasn't gone away. In fact, I think it's gotten even worse since the migration to 2.5.

In particular, I'm finding instances where the wings will just snap off while weighing just below the operational load and when receiving rudder inputs, even gentle inputs. To see what I mean, load it to about 68,000 (Max operational load should be 72,000) evenly across both wings and enter a steady dive. A dive at about 15 degrees should do it. Maintain .8-.9 mach and then apply a gentle rudder input. You'll notice the plane start to yaw before the wings simply snap off like silly putty once the yawing force goes away.

I stepped away from the SU-33 for some months a while back in hopes that this problem would be fixed in future FM updates, but my recent playtime with it leads me to believe that the problem still remains. I find it odd how gentle I have to treat the SU-33 compared to other FC3 aircraft. I understand that it is one of the heaviest FC3 aircraft, but at the same time it feels like it's a paper airplane at times. Could someone please look into this?
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