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Default A lifelong dream

My grandpa (88 years old) is as crazy about aviation as I am. I think I got it from him. He's still building and flying model airplanes. Today I convinced him to visit me and try the DCS 109 in Virtual Reality. He was amazed, acting like a kid at Christmas. He was quite a natural, apart from takeoffs and landings. First I had the controls, and no amount of loops and rolls discouraged him. Then he took the controls and couldn't stop being amazed at today's technology. As a kid he watched the handful Hungarian 109s as they fought their fierce battles with hundreds of USAAF bombers and escort fighters, wondered at the criss-crossing contrails, the roar of engines, the rattle of machine guns. And now he finally felt like he was there. He told me it was one of the best experiences of his life, he was that impressed

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that is so cool! thanks for sharing.

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What a wonderful story and I feel very happy that your grandpa could enjoy some flying lessons in VR. I wish my grandpa is still alive and could show him DCS World as well. Hope you both will enjoy many others flying lessons and wish all the best for your grandpa

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Impressive. I'll have to ask my Dad if he wants a go.

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Technology for the win! But it's true. I LOVED the wireframe F15 Strike Eagle, loved the Flight of the Intruder, Knights of the Sky. Then Falcon 3 blew my mind as did Janes. And now DCS. Good times, for sure!
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Love hearing stories like this! I bet he was grinning ear to ear!
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I wish I had such a Grandpa
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Originally Posted by ebabil View Post
I wish I had such a Grandpa
I'm happy that I have a grandson that is crazy about aircraft, makes getting "purchases" past the financial controller a bit easier

He even lets me drag him to the local airshows, and has been allowing me to do that since he was 2

His first airshow, Sanicole 2012

Belgian Airforce Days 2018

Yeah being a grandad is great
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That's a really cool story. It's great to see how modern technology can make dreams come alive. I think we here, who make daily use of this tech, sometimes forget about how great this actually is, so it was very impressive to read how someone who is not used to this tech is experiencing it. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
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