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Originally Posted by der-blaue-max View Post
Flying even in a Simulation is feeling. When i do the start on the ramp i want to feel the hair standing up on my neck and arm... But here there is only silence. A slow roling-sound. I never have been on a real carier ramp, but I thing when the Plane is starting, there is a lot of force in the game. Here is nothing?!?!?
Turn the volume up, use Simshaker/Buttkicker hw/sw - this is sim, man, what did you expect? Even full-motion multi-million$$ sims cannot give you the exact same feel as IRL. One more thing - play with options > audio settings. There's this "hear like in helmet" check - try without it. You don't wear it in Cessna so don't compare it, please. Closed pressurized cockpit muffles sounds nicely too. Move sliders for world and engine up, others down. Use the mission where other aircraft start on the deck - I hear big roar there.
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