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Originally Posted by The_Fragger View Post
Things which are working a week before may not work the week after. Also, the coder needs to find out the code changes to make things work again ...
And that's no fun at all...
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Some of us do this every day for a living and might have the necessary experience in a group this large and dedicated to finish this wonderful machine. I realize that this is proprietary stuff/licensed and not a crowdsourcing effort. That being said, is there anything that can be done with our collective/individual help to get this rolling again, or is it really stuck in the mud and immobile?
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I am working in software development as well, so we struggle the same issues (code changes by the platform we build on, etc) as you do on dcs world.
Like chump says this applies to many among us here, so maybe there are people who are able and willing to support you in your undertaking as professional programmer.
Therefore my question about the key skills you'd need here

It would be a shame to let go of such a project.... :/

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Originally Posted by The_Fragger View Post
Many thanks for the kind words, guys I just need to say that this project is not completely dead. I just shifted 2 gears down . I will never give her up.
I have an exclusive license from Airbus to bring her out for DCS World.
Hoping you never give her up as she would be a superb addition to the DCS helicopter catalogue.
For the Module producer it is unfortunate that DCS is changing so quickly and in such a short time and will probably continue changing for some time.... but ultimately, Ed's work will be for the better.

Still needing the Bo105 The_Fragger, but I am more than willing to wait for her.

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