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Default Pilot has no head?

I know it's pretty trivial, but I thought I'd bring this up because I've noticed it for a while.

In modules that have a pilot body in the cockpit, the dude doesn't have any noggin.

Any insights from people that do have one?

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Um, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure YOU are the head!

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My God, you have just found a bug! Go and report Sir!
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Given te fact that body 3D model is not animated for full 6 DoF movement, with its torso bolted tight to the seat, having a severed head model floating around the cockpit would be even more messed up. A necessary compromise I'd say. Racing sims have headless drivers in VR as well.
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if you wanna see what it looks like with the head, load a replay of an F14 flight then sit as Rio, you will be inside Jester's head and literally see through his eyes and what's inside his head
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