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Default Revisiting Combined Arms & Wishlist requests

Its been a while since I used combined arms, like before 1.5 while and I have to say. It's miles better than the last time I ever used it. The big difference I have noticed is that the enemy don't murder you as soon as you hit their theoretical max weapon range. And the other targeting reticules (I was using an Abrams) are very handy.

I have a two requests though, simple things (undoubtedly not as simple as they sound though).
1) Is it possible to have a brake axis. Theres a throttle one but no brake one.
2) Is it possible to allow headtracking in the drivers view. Currently its lock looking straight ahead.

And lastly a bit more of wild wishlist idea: Could it be possible to create an advanced waypoint action that tells a friendly to attack where a JTAC designates, be it IR, Laser or markpoint, a bit like how in the A-10C you can tell your wingmen to attack at your SPI? For example the player as JTAC marks a lead tank in a convoy and the AI aircraft task with responding to you (or that specific unit) will engage said target. Once destroyed you mark a new target and repeat. It could make for some Single Player fun for JTAC missions. Probably requires mountains of work but one can dream right?
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