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Great news!

The more warbirds the better
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Pretty good move by ED, and a very welcome addition to the WWII planeset. Yeah!

Not only that, but Jug "may" make it in 2019, and Fw190A is coming next. I guess we won't wait a lot to get it, that's even better than the (already known) news itself .

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Nice surprise! I love those radial butcher birds. Question: Why is the dash white? Placeholder? I have never seen that before....
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Originally Posted by Vander View Post
Nice surprise! I love those radial butcher birds. Question: Why is the dash white? Placeholder? I have never seen that before....

same question, only seen some with darker dashes. wip i assume

looking forward to this one and ofcourse the others comin along - just made my day xD
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My guess is screenies are still in the model viewer so the lighting combined with WIP textures makes it look a bit strange.

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Excellent news regarding the FW 190 A-8.

I am really looking forward to this one, for several reasons.

1. Radial engine. Rugged, characteristic, and a new challenge in engine management. However, it is the audio-possibilities that have me excited. The engine sounds will make-or-break this module, but I have every confidence that ED will get this right. If you've heard what ED did for the Yak 52, you'll know what I'm talking about.

2. Earlier-version of the FW 190. Although I love the performance of the D-9, the A-8 is a far better match for the Spitfire Mk.IX that we have in DCS. It was already in service in mid-1944, so it will be excellent for Normandy missions and also for some pre-D-day missions too. For those of us looking for better historical matches, the A-8 is a must for the Normandy era.

3. Short-nosed prevalence. As a short-nosed FW, it is similar in appearance and performance to all the other short-nosed FW variants. Whether an F-8 in Italy or an A-6 in Finland, A-4/T in Libya or A-5 on the Eastern Front, the A-8 is a much better stand-in for these than the D-9 is. I hope we get a good selection of paint-schemes for it!

4. Short-nosed appearance. Subjective, I know, but on a personal level, I prefer the look of the A-series to the D-series. :-)

I am also curious about what to expect regarding the loadout.

As SilverDragon reported from the Russian Forum.
Версия пока будет базовая а8, без всяких пока там R модификаций. Это четыре 20 мм пушки и два 13 мм пулемета. Штатный пилон под фюзеляжем.
The last bit states there'll be a centre-line pylon under the fuselage. But what will be on it?

4xSC50? SC250? SD2-butterfly-bombs? Drop-tank? SC500? Torpedo?!

The only ordnance on an A-8 I've found so far are Wurfgranate 21cm rockets under the wings. I wonder if we'll get those at all?
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Originally Posted by DefaultFace View Post
My guess is screenies are still in the model viewer so the lighting combined with WIP textures makes it look a bit strange.
I think that is a lot of it.
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If I may ask:

The A-8 is a Focke-Wulf 190, just like the D-9 is a Focke-Wulf 190, right? Just different versions?

How different will the DCS's A-8 be from the D-9?

From what I understand, the real life version of the D-9 is longer by 4 feet, has the same wingspan and wing area, is almost 300 lbs heavier when empty but can only take off with about 130 lbs less. While the D-9 has an inverted V-12 compared to the A-8's radial engine, when boosted, the D-9 develops over 2,000 horsepower compared to 1,600 from the A-8's BMW engine.

The Dora can do 425 mph versus 410 mph, can fly about the same distance but can fly 1,000 feet higher, as well as climb almost 350 feet per minute faster. The A-8 has a 1.7 hp/lb wing loading advantage meaning it might turn a bit better when pulling hard, but the Dora has about the same power/mass rating (0.18-0.22 hp/lb)

They both have the MG 131 machine gun but the A-8 has four versus Dora's two 20 mm cannons.

The Dora does carry a 1,000 lb bomb.

So, again, if I may ask, why will the A-8 be a separate purchase?
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Very, very different. D9 is a high altitude liquid cooled inline engine. The A8 is a low to mid altitude air cooled radial.

They will be separate purchases because they're different aircraft. They are not minor variations of the same thing achieved with some minor changes. And because they have bills to pay and want to.
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