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Originally Posted by M0ltar View Post
First off there have been, I believe, 2 forfeits. We do NOT award full points for a forfeit much like how in football 3 goals are typically awarded for the winning side. I am trying to make this as fair as possible. Its not perfect and we are learning as we go. We realize we miss rules and we add them.

Second, I need all team representatives to post a message on the S1G Discord so that I can add a role to your user. This will allow for quick and easy contact for event issues and future content.
sorry we can't use discord because of The Great net Wall in china. so could you please post the message of SATAL on this forum?
or we could connect each other on TS. our TS is
And ,the TS of 64th is down now.
by CNF101
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Hi 101, I'm not sure if it was you with whom I had the chat in Discord a couple of hours ago but just in case to confirm here one more time - our team relies on the Hornet quiet a lot and the guys are not happy to switch the airframe. We're standing by for the new schedule.
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