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Default Are pilots and tail gunners in AI bombers blind?

I have created a mission with the editor in which some F-5E intercept a huge formation of Tu-22M. If I use the radar to lock a Tu-22M, the gun of the tail shoots me, but if I maintain the radar OFF, I can fly in formation with the bombers even with all the external lights ON and leaving a trail of a mile behind me, can shoot them with my cannon (or even rockets) at point blank, and the Tu-22M doesn´t defends itself. It doesn´t look a realistic behavior since as far as I know the Tu-22M has a radar in the tail to detect attackers from the rear emisphere. I thought the reason could be the rules of engagement but I have experienced with the different reactions to threat, from "no reaction" to "allow to abort the mission" and there is no difference: the Tu-22M only shoots the tail guns against attackers if the attackes use the radar to lock on the target.
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