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Yes 232 73.65%
No 83 26.35%
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Off course i buy. The f-18 by end of the year. If the plans to make it great with animations and a big plus will be crew on the deck!
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I voted yes and I add to the notation that WASP class with harrier and rotary functionality would be more beneficial to the overall style that itwould bring.. add in LAH and youve got a great little group going
Also there is functionality in the base VIA Combined arms to be able to tack on controller functionality of your group alread if jtac etc.

It would be abig yes from me and same once i got a carrier and an LHD id be less inclined to be on dryu land except for exercises in nevada...
I hope you bring it.
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Stop wasting time putting poles up, take my money and build it already!

Yes, but give me a floating airfield with multiple parking spots, spawn points, configurable stores, munitions and most importantly, crew. Got to have animated deck crew, even if they're only crowded around static planes loading stores, etc. oh crap, now i've dribbled on my keyboard again.

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I voted Yes , but i still don`t see how it can be done regarding non-paying users
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LHA would be nice IF there is capability to use well decks for the amphibious assaults, etc.

But because LHAs lack combat firepower, I would like to have a radar functionality and a combat control center.
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I assume here the LHA offer would resemble the Kuznetsov offer. Bohemia Interactive already did "that thing" in ArmA2: displaying a module with blurry/crappy textures until you buy it. I think that's an insult to the players, who often pay a large amount of money to get a high-end GFX computer.

Therefore I voted No,because I don't want players to see any difference on screen, depending on what modules they bought.

I also voted No because LHA would mostly be a landing point, and it would be bad that some players can't operate from any landing point available in a mission, just because they don't want to buy a ship (as I don't).

I would only be interested in an LHA module if it was given with a paying aircraft module.
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Originally Posted by Vampyre View Post
I would expect a full ship module to be crewable with at least the primary positions such as Captain/bridge, Air Boss/Prifly, Weaps/CIC, Cheng/Engineering and ACHO/flight deck control. In this case, if it is a Tarawa or Essex class, an amphibious capability that uses landing craft and LCAC's to move vehicles, troops and supplies ashore would be a must... of course you could just do an Iwo Jima class and only have to worry about the air components.
This. Would want to have RADAR systems etc to make for a co-ordinated mission experience.
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Yes yes and yes. but as others have said if the price is right

Although considering we have the F14, F18 and AV8b coming (all naval planes) i hope they come as package deals with the seat planes...that would be cool

But how would it work for the members who dont buy them.. would they be able to see, bomb or land on them ?

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In fact, you (RAZBAM) could capitalize on such ships :

While developping the ship, think to other aircrafts or helicopters you could develop to "match" with this ship as you already do with you poll for Big Helicopters.

You can spend time (of course some money ^^) to create the ship that will match further numerous flying vehicules. So your investment, not paid by the player (and getting rid of paying/non paying players), will be a huge argument if the ship is provided with one of your modules
=> a constant developping ship with a lot of aircraft that will perfectly operate from it in the future !
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Originally Posted by Prowler111 View Post
I would like to know your input on this issue
Will you buy a DLC LHA?
Hi Prowler,

I think any new ships with high detail is a plus. Software programming is time consuming so speaking for myself I am happy to pay for new ships etc, if they are of the detail that was recently shown by ED and with what Leatherneck are planning.

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