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The MSAA being only drawn at the center of the view is the genius in all this. I removed a lot of the other stuff from the mod. The glass, shadows and sun glare stuff, as I didn't want to compromise on those things.

If ED looks at ANYTHING first it should be the MSAA trick.
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Originally Posted by Brixmis View Post
I just removed the mod via JSGME and then went to delete the metacaches (in my understanding, these would be filled with the data rebuilt after the mod was installed) and there is no DCS folder inside any of the metacache folders.
The compiled shaders go to your user home folder, under Saved Games\DCS\fxo and metashaders2.
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Roger! Thanks
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Man, i wish we could get this working for multiplayer. A busy carriier deck today on one of the servers and im like 23 frames with ASW.
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