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Great event guys.
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Excellent event guys, really enjoyed the flying and the talk-throughs, some really insightful stuff in the 1v1s ... the 4v4 event was complete madness; well done to all the winners, well flown.
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Great event 51st and TAW. Execution really was top-notch and i honestly don't know if that could have been done any better.

Also stream was a joy to watch, quality was great and Stuge is always such a great commentator, good job Moltar and Billy.
Speed for planes would be nice thing to have though.

I do have some criticism too. I've said this before and i must say this again, urban area with tall buildings just isn't a place for BFM competition in my opinion and that was the reason why i always went to more flat southern side of the bubble. Also place like Dubai isn't exactly frame rate friendly location, but the biggest problem with the location was that it was just stupidly easy to lose visual against the buildings. Especially small grey Mirages were really hard to see against the ground. JHMCS in F-18 was game changer in this regard and i think i would have had a lot more difficult time without it.

Overall great event and keep up the good work.

Here's how it looked from my perspective in case someone interested haven't seen these already:

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51st Bisons Discord
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