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Default 74th virtual EFS Recruiting A-10C Pilots

The 23rd virtual Expeditionary Wing has arrived!

Update 4 July 2019: As a result of the rapid growth of the 74th vEFS, we have grown into the 23rd virtual Expeditionary Wing. This date commemorates the birthdate of the 23rd Pursuit Group (original Flying Tigers in 1942). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/23rd_Fighter_Group

23rd Fighter Group:
74th vEFS – A-10C – recruiting open
75th vEFS – A-10C – recruiting open
20th Operations Group:
77th vEFS – F-16 (flying Hornets until Viper releases) – recruiting open
78th vEFS – F-16 (flying Hornets until Viper releases) – recruiting open
79th vEFS – F-16 (flying Hornets until Viper releases) – recruiting open
347th Rescue Group:
41st vRescue Squadron: UH-1 (since HH-60 is unavailable) – recruiting open
38th vRescue Squadron: Combined Arms Players, JTACs, Controlling AI PJs – recruiting open
71st vRescue Squadron: AI Only
4th Operations Group:
334th vEFS – F-15E – Recruiting will open closer to release
335th vEFS – F-15E – Recruiting will open closer to release

Attack, Rescue, Prevail!

23rd Fighter Group A-10C Pilots as outlined in original recruiting post below.
20th Operations Group Viper Pilots will be assigned to 23rd Expeditionary Wing with a primary mission of SEAD/CAP and backup CAS. While Vipers will be tasked for other missions, we will always maintain a force of dedicated SEAD/CAP for the A-10Cs for CAS & CSAR.
41st Rescue Squadron UH-1 Pilots can expect to fly troop transports, gun runs, CAS for AI troops, and player controlled JTACs/PJs. **UH-1H Pilots: we will always maintain a force od dedicated escorts from the A-10C pilots during missions.
38th Rescue Squadron Combined Arms Players can expect to have movable AI forces consisting of small unit SF / PJ units up to controlling friendly phase line & may at times take control of enemy forces to minimize scripting in target rich environments (keeps frame rates reasonable for everyone). 38th vRQS Players will have an active voice in mission design (keeping it fun for everyone).
4th Operations Group Strike Eagle Pilots: To be announced when recruiting opens.

All 23rd virtual Expeditionary Wing pilots can expect a variety of training and combat missions as outlined above and in the original recruiting post below. Our culture remains, our mission remains, we've grown and look forward to building bridges with multiple DCS groups in the community.

The 74th virtual Expeditionary Fighter Squadron is currently recruiting. The 74th EFS was created in honor of the real life 74th EFS receiving the Gallant Unit Citation during 2017-2018 combat operations in Syria. The 74th was the 5th recipient of the combat award and the first individual unit to receive the Gallant Unit Citation.

The 74th central focus is CAS. We train with human JTACs when possible and troops in contact (TIC) missions will be our top priority. Additional mission types we fly and train for include: Strike, CSAR, FAC (A), HELO Escort, Recon and BDA. If you're looking for an active and professional group of Hog pilots to fly with in support of a larger group of DCS squadrons, the 74th may be for you. The 74th formed to provide a permanent A-10C and related missions presence within a larger community of squadrons that fly regularly.

Whether you just learned the Hog systems and are itching to learn squad tactics or are a seasoned professional DCS A-10C pilot, your skills will be enhanced. We utilize a simplified central skill spreadsheet based on USAF A-10C Aircrew Evaluation Criteria 11-2A-10C. While we train to the highest standards possible to increase our survivability and lethality during combat operations, we are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain (our approach - train the weak link and make it fun).

We are looking for experienced A-10C drivers. We have limited training capacity available. If you are near our standards, we will consider you (will handle on case by case basis). We will be on a regular training cycle (intermediate/advanced) to enhance skills and build team cohesion for the squadron.


Who we are: The 74th virtual Expeditionary Fighter Squadron. A Group of DCS A-10C pilots of differing age groups and backgrounds flying the Hog in support of a larger group comprised of multiple squadrons. While we are a new squadron, we are part of an established group of experienced sim pilots who share love of aviation and military sims.

What we do: A-10C multiplayer training flights, Mission flights, and Campaign flights in a complex multi-aircraft environment. We fly CAS, CSAR, HELO Escort, Recon, Strike, FAC (A) / SCAR, BDA missions in support of our parent group. We use Discord and our Website for communicating and coordination for flights & training. Using SRS, we talk within the flight, with other flights and with ATC or simulated ATC when not available. We practice formation flying and related tactics. We coordinate and train with human JTACs when they’re available and polish tactical skills for each squad pilot. Finally, we gun bad guys. The DCS A-10C is a complex aircraft with many tools to make it more lethal and effective – we try to ensure every pilot works together using these tools to maximum effectiveness.

Our Culture: First and foremost, FUN! Secondly, mutual respect (we don’t do drama – this is a hobby). We are not the military and while we strive for realism while training or flying combat missions, we seek the realism for fun. We’ve set the USAF standards for skills to honor and appreciate what the real life 74th has accomplished but at the end of the day, this is a Hobby. We strive for excellence but try to keep it casual (if no one is having fun, what’s the point?). The attitude is fun, our atmosphere casual, but conduct ourselves in a professional manner when mission time rolls around.

Who we want: We are recruiting A-10C pilots of multiple skill levels who are motivated and available for active participation. Ideal pilots want to be part of a fun, casual and professional team flying in an A-10C squadron. We have 3 levels of pilots in the squadron: 1) Training pilots 2) Basic Mission Capable Pilots & 3) Combat Mission Ready pilots.

Training Pilots - Unfortunately, we have limited training capacity so we cannot accept an unlimited amount of training pilots. That said, we are willing to accept pilots needing training on a limited basis. We will take a limited number of pilots and train selected pilots to the BMC/CMR level but only those truly motivated and ready to learn.

BMC/CMR - With respect to BMC, CMR pilots, if you can safely start, fly, and employ A-10C weapons, this is where you belong provided you’re looking for an active & fun DCS A-10C squadron.

If this matches what you are looking for, head over to our website at https://74vefs.enjin.com/ and fill out the recruiting form.
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BlackHat, CO 74th vEFS

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Default Virtual Swiss Airforce Squadron 20

Virtuelle Fliegerstaffel 20

Wir suchen aktuell ernsthaft interessierte Piloten und Pilotinnen.

Falls Du bei uns in der Staffel mitmachen möchtest, sprich uns einfach an oder schreib mir auf unserem Discord Server!
Hier der Link: https://discord.gg/dHFnnYh

StaffelVirtuelle Fliegerstaffel 20 (vFlSt 20)
KommunikationDiscord: https://discord.gg/dHFnnYh
 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMl...ol6ZlruS51DsBw
SprachenGrundsätzlich deutsch (Englischkenntnisse von Vorteil)
 Im Einsatz Nutzung von Brevity und/oder Bambini Codes
MusterStaffelmuster: F/A-18C und F-5E
 Zusätzlich zur Unterstützung und nach Absprache auch A-10C, AV-8B und AJS37
Training/Aktivität2x pro Woche Training fix (Do und Sa), wovon mindestens eines regelmässig besucht werden soll
 Möglichst realitätsnahes Fliegen, wo möglich unter Nutzung von echten Dokumenten und Vorlagen
Struktur/OrganisationKlare Struktur und Unterscheidung von Staffelpiloten und Jungpiloten, aber keine militärische Hierarchie (keine Ränge, kein "Sir", kein „Sie“, etc. ...)
 Komplettes Ausbildungskonzept, inklusive Funk, AA und AG (CAS), etc.
 Grundsatz: Real-Life geht vor - immer!
AufnahmeJedermann und Frau ist gerne willkommen, mit uns auf unserem Server gemeinsam zu fliegen, um uns kennenzulernen.
 Kommt bei Interesse einfach zusätzlich zu uns in den Discord
 Falls alles gegenseitig passt, erfolgt eine Aufnahme zum Jungpiloten, die Ausbildung und parallel dazu entsprechende Checkrides zur Qualifikation zum Staffelpiloten
VoraussetzungenMindestalter 20 Jahre (Ausnahmen möglich bei entsprechender charakterlicher Eignung)
 Stolzer Besitzer einer F/A-18C und optional einer F-5E
DoppelmitgliedschaftenNicht erlaubt
DCS ServerDedizierter High-End Staffelserver mit SRS
Servername*** Virtuelle Schweizer Fliegerstaffel 20 ***
AnsprechpartnerUno und Ghost

Fly smart and fly safe!

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The 55th vFS will be a part of Joint Task Force-1 (JTF-1). This will encompass the 1st AF and CSG-1. Feel free to stop by our Discord and check us out. As the Viper gets closer we will start taking public applications.
Here is our website.

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Carrier Air Wing 66 (CVW-66) is currently looking for 1-3 members.


About us:
We are a small, European based group that is just starting up and we are currently seeking a few new members to flesh out our roster.

About us:
We are a relaxed group, (Seeing that several members have other active primary groups) that enjoy hooking up and flying the Hornet and Tomcat. We practice and apply real world procedures, comms and tactics when it enhances gameplay- but put more emphasis on fun and enjoyment than technical formalities. We focus on getting solid members that share our mindset and enjoy our way of operating.

We have a 'Real life first' mentality and have no problem with you being a member of another outfit, as long as you show up for flying now and then on a more or less stable basis.

We use Discord and Whatsapp to set up mission times on the go, with no set day at this point. We usually still manage to fly a night or sometimes 2 a week. We use Simple Radio for inflight comms.

We are all (relatively) experienced DCS pilots with many years of sim experience, but in no means experts and still very much coming to grips with our airframes.

We are not 'hard-core' in that we don't put an emphasis on documentation, qualifications, reports, ranks and formalities, but enjoy flying together and improving our skills set at our own pace. We do practice missions in the NTTR, learning various techniques and proceedures and "deploy" on cruises in the Black Sea, Persian Gulf (And later the Med) to do dynamic campaigns primarily in a PVE environment.

We are not competitive or into 'airquake' type playing, but enjoy learning and employing real life tactics at our own pace.

About you:
You should be in our general region (Europe) for ping reasons.

You need to be confident in the very basic systems and procedures in the Tomcat, Hornet or (preferably) both.
NOTE:This does NOT mean that you should be an expert in any way, but you should have a basic grasp of:

-Fundemental NATO brevity.
-Take-off, navigation and landing your aircraft- on land and on CV using Case I and Case III.
-Employ the basic air to air and air to ground weapons of at least one of the airframes.
-Air to air refueling.
-Basic BVR and WVR terminology and principles.
-You will need the NTTR, PG and Caucasus maps.

Most of all you need to be mature, layback, and have a keen interest in naval aviation in DCS world.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send me a PM and say a little bit about who you are and your background in DCS.

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52nd Independent Knight Squadron

Why is our name so cool?
Because the name follows a real world batallion, 52nd Independent batallion, that was lead by an military jet pilot during the war, also known as "Knight".

About us:
We consider that the right way to have fun in DCS is to simulate. And to simulate we mean copy most of the things we can from Real Life into a game. But still, as this isn't a real life and you are not putting billions of dollars with a persons life into risk, we bypass some boring rules.
Everybody in our squadron is a good and knowleable person. Some joined us while making 1st steps in DCS, some joined us after spending years in DCS.
BTW We are an EU virtual squadron.

What do we offer?
We have a Real Life helicopter pilot that really knows how to handle rotatory-wings in DCS and can help you a lot.
Other than that, a big amount of knowledge in Air-to-air and Air-to-ground as well as some other aspects. This knowledge is copied from Real Life and adjusted so it could perfectly fit a gaming surroundigs as DCS is. Yea it is a simulation, but still it is an video game.
Which brings me to next point, if you are not having fun, than you are doing something wrong.
Games are made to have fun!

How does it look when you join us?
This is the hardest part. We have a rigorous "Probation" where you learn, with the squadron leader, how to take-off, land, navigate during high and low visibility etc. You learn (unless you already know) all the info about all the missiles. How do they track, how does the range change, many ways to evade them, types of missiles (both a2a and SAM) etc.
Same thing is for A2G weaponry. You go through all the theory, such as when to use what type of loadout, how to plan it etc.
After that, you learn BFM. Energy and throttle management. What is it, how do different airplanes behave, how to exploit their disadvantages and use your own advantages etc.
Same thing for BVR.
After those basics, you are put into a team-fight. This is the most demanding part. You learn the comms, team tactics, approaching strategies etc.

And once you are done with all the basics, you can finally start learning more and enjoying the DCS with us.

But, before you join us, 2 conditions:
If you can't find a link for Recruitment and post an application on our website, we don't need you.
Also, you have to be 18+ and speak English.

Our website: www.52knight.org
We also have our youtube and twitch channel.
See ya in the skies!


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Default 64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron


We are very excited to announce the formation of the 64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron!
Comprising the majority of former members of the 51st Squadron we are now looking to expand our SATAL winning tactics and skills beyond the venerable Flanker to the F14, F18 and F16 as well.

The squadron is actively recruiting in preparation for next season. Applications are now open if you would like to join our formidable roster.

Moltar will continue to host and stream SATAL and Arena as usual.

Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/bhqZmX5

<64>X-man, <64>Rage

64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron

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Attention pilots:

If you are interested in joining up with a growing Squadron, check out Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY]!

We are accepting applications for pilots of all N.A.T.O. airframes, to join in on regular flying with us.

HVY is divided into seven separate Squadrons, each flying a specific aircraft. While we organize like this, we only enforce flying your “Main Aircraft” in official Squadron sorties. Otherwise, you are always free to fly what you wish!

We have -

- Dedicated Persian Gulf and Caucasus (soon NTTR) servers.
- Discord
- Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)
- Official Website and Social Media presence.
- 50 active squadmates.
- Ranking for advancement.
- Scheduled training flights and Task Force-wide Missions.

While we lean toward milsim, we also encourage new players to join our ranks. We aim to have fun, learn, and most importantly, FLY!

Discord: https://discord.gg/RwnNdR9
Website: https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/join-us.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jointtaskforceheavy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jointtaskforceheavy/

[HVY]Discord- https://discord.gg/RwnNdR9

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The 480th Fighter Squadron opened its gates!
We are the 480th FS and part of CSG-1, a group that flys different airframes as real as it gets. If you are from europe and you are looking for a realistic group to fly your F-16 with, we might have what you are looking for. A minimum age of 21 and a good attitude as well as the willing to attend training flights on a regular bases is a requirement. Are you interested? Check out the CSG-1 discord and drop your application or questions in the proper 480th recruiting channel. You can also just simply click on the picture which will direct you to our Homepage.


Note: The F/A-18C and PG are a requirement as well since we will use it land-based until the F-16 drops.
480th FS "Warhawks"
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UK Navalops
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UK Navalopps

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore.

UK Navalops
is a friendly, relaxed virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the Razbam Harrier. We also have attack and transport helicopter squadron flying the MI8, Black Shark, the Gazelle and the UH1 Huey. Each of these squadrons are based on real Naval squadon within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where pilots can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron.

We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both online and offline flights. all Pireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often as they like although our main missions are Saturday nights.


800 Naval Air Squadron

801 Naval Air Squadron

We currently have 800 NAS & 801 NAS Flying the Razbam Harrier. We do use all the current maps for DCS

Commando Helicopter Force is active but doesnt have dedicated members, however this could change, numbers permitting.

Dont worry if you have no experience because we have plenty of experienced pilots that will gladly bring you up to speed. plus we dont shove people in a training squadron for three months before they get to fly combat missions.

If you are interested then please go to our website
and fill in the short application.
If you need any more info please dont hesitate to contact me by pm on here.
See you in the skies

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Interested to know if there are any New Zealand/Australian based squadrons?

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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