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Default DAWS -- F-15C vs J-11A PvP event

Presented by the DCS Aerial Weapons School -- DAWS

PvP 12v12

Date: June 15th 2019, 2030z
Mission Duration: Up to 1.5 Hours

Map: Caucasus

Comms: Our discord server

Mods: IASGATGs Missile Mod. This mod improves A2A missile performance to much better match real life than vanilla missiles.

This is a purely air-to-air PvP fight, with the F-15C Eagle fighting the J-11A Flanker for dominance over the skies of Russia. The mission will have 12 avaliable slots for each aircraft, with no respawns until the fight is over. The fight will be run at least 2 times, potentially more, time permitting. You may switch between aircraft the end of a round, if you want to.

Weapons restrictions: Only AIM-120Bs, no AIM-120Cs will be avaliable. No weapons restrictions for the J-11A

Stay out of the no fly zones.

Ping limit of 350

Battlefield Map:


Register here or on our discord server, use this format: [In Game Name, aircraft]

Plus, if you would be interested in switching sides after a round, say so.


The AWACS are set to immortal, so attempting to shoot at them is wasting missiles.


141st_dundun92, J-11A, would be interested in switching sides.

Eagle Enthusiast, Fresco Fan. Patiently waiting for the F-15E. Clicky F-15C when?
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Join the DAWS server to coordinate practice PvP fights, and participate in our occasional PvP Ops

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