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Default 3D Objects users would like to d/l?

I've got tools for 3D modeling...... if a library were available, what sorts of generic objects would be of interest?

I'm kinda stranded on Social Security disability here, have time on my hands, and it'd be a chance to give back; the clientile 'round here are a bunch of rocket surgeons, unless the excellent info here is bot-generated

I've been hoping to find a "workflow" diagram in terms of modeling in a package and the OUTPUT file type.

I presume ideal objects would be low-as-reasonable count on polygons, and free of bitmap textures/procedural textures. Using pixel shading? Baking involved?

I've done detailed modeling of land-based radar such as Doppler, and the PAVEPAWS phased-array early warning/space-junk tracking facility. Read this geometry-based, no NURBS/organic objects (yet).

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For ground based stuff you can go quite high on polys with LODs with the textures they can be 2048x2048 using PBR.

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Japanese WW2 ground objects

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