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THANK YOU FOR THIS FIX! I can't tell you how frustrated I was after taking a few months off from DCS only to come back and see not only had they changed the LUA structure (minor but annoying and time consuming to fix) but for some reason my US ARMY Helo Drab schemes were nowhere near drab.

I am sure this has something to do with them working with the new engine and fiddling here and there but man the Huey skins went from drab to looking like some kind of plastic, gel, hideous material that isn't seen in the real world.

I'm thankful we have members on here that don't mind digging through the code to find fixes and share them with the community. It might seem like small potatoes but if the aircraft textures are off it really can ruin things.
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this fix has to be applied at every single openbeta update.

the hotfix by ams999 (thanks!) has been pubished Feb 19th.

how come is this issue still present in production code and has still to be reapplied at every single openbeta update?

how hard is it to release this trivial fix? please fix it
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Sometimes I have the feeling DCS has a lot of 'solvable-in-5-minutes'-problems but someone has to get around to actually fixing them.

I'm just glad that this specific one can be 'user-fixed' and that found the file responsible all those months ago...
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