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Default My rant dealing with multiple monitors and the kneeboard.

I've had a multiple monitor setup for years, as a lot of us have. DCS supports it in the config, with options to set it up. Problem is when we select multiple monitors the kneeboard becomes too big to be of any use. I, like many, have altered the viewporthandling.lua to solve this. As we know this wrecks integrity check. This has always bugged me, but I kept my mouth shut simply because it worked. I'd just disable the viewpoint mod to get into integrity check servers. However, with the latest 2.5 update, I can no longer use my modified LUA. When it's active my MFCD's, in game (only tested with the harrier), and on my separate monitors, go black. The kneeboard is also nowhere to be seen. I'm sure I could tweek my viewpoint again , but that's not the point.

I feel it's time Eagle Dynamics solve this. Maybe an in game slider, to adjust the size of the Kneeboard, would be possible. I'd even settle for one we could drag, and resize in game. Another option would be to allow us to adjust its position manually, without the integrity check penalty. The kneeboard is a useful tool, also very important in modules like the Viggen. Hense the reason I'm bringing this up.

Thanks for reading.
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bump, and ditto !
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