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Default Logic in the bonus system

I have little confusion in the bonus system idea.

If you buy module for full price (not consume any bonus money nor any bonus codes) you get the stated Bonus money to yourself. In this case example Yak-52 the full price is $39,99 and you get $8 as bonus to buy it.

But if you spend bonus to purchase it, you don't get the bonus from the purchase. And this is where my logic fails.

Using a $12 bonus in purchase of the Yak-52 you pay instead $39,99 only a $27,99, but spending that $12 that you have collected previously, you lose that $8 bonus for future purchases.
And yet you can't purchase any module fully with bonus money you have collected.

I thought that the bonus system idea is that you will purchase in the future a new modules as you can get some of them for a cheaper price. So more you buy, more bonus you get and you can use it for the future to get some lower price instead going to third party store to buy it.

Like I could have understood that you spend $12 bonus for the Yak-52 and still get $8 bonus back to your account, losing in the exchange a $4 bonus. So you wouldn't gain more while you buy something but just for future purchase get some bonus from buying directly from ED.

IMHO, this is to me little bit like punishing the customer from purchasing from the ED.

Like think it like this. The clerck hands you the bonus coupons when buying from the store, and once you have collected enough, you can use it to get small special lower price for the product. But when you do so, you don't get any bonus from the products you purchase at that time, but you would need to buy something for full price later to get more bonuses.

I can understand totally well that you can't use the bonus (in this case the $8 from Yak-52) when you are buying it but you need to wait it to be added to your account after the purchase, but I can't understand why you can't get it for the future even if you have saved some for the future previously.

It feels like fooling the customer to do business with you in the first place, instead boosting the idea that it is good to do business with them instead other stores as in the future you can have collected enough to get better sales.

This so because ED store doesn't have like hundreds of products to sell, but just a 30 products and eventually customer doesn't really gain anything from chasing the bonus points.
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The Bonus system is a small reward that ED gives to returning customers: a discount towards future purchases.

Like many discounts on other stores, you cant combine two or more discounts: you have to choose the one that benefits you the most.

To me, the best way to purchase DCS modules is to take advantage of Sales ... the second best way is to take advantage of pre-release discounts ... and the last way is to use the Bonus points that you have accumulated over time.

To date, I've never purchased without using one of these three discounts, and I'm perfectly happy that way ... do I wish that the DLCs were cheaper? .. of course I do, but even so I do believe that the play-hours/cost ratio is really good and much better than what I get from common games, like Arma 3 and the like.
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The amount of people that complain about getting a discount around here is mind boggling.

The absence of a second monetary reward, in addition to your discount, is not punishment.
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