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The "stirring the pot" phenom comes from people not being angle to predict what is going to happen or not going to happen. So to believe that they can stay in control is that they take predictive control they know is overdoing and then correct that before it goes wrong.

The same thing is when people drive cars or even a lawnmower etc. You can see the same thing example when you ask people to balance with one feet, they start doing it after while when closing eyes they lose balance. Ask them to stand on balance board and they will start doing it more and more.

As they have no feeling that what really is happening, they want to generate the feeling so they can react to it and stay in control.

It is as well similar when you put a drunken person to drive a car in straight line, they can start turn from side to side with small movements as they can't react in time to small turns and perform a very tiny correction and wait. And then there are those who can drive perfectly straight when drunk and they do not sway from side to side.
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Originally Posted by sirrah View Post
Lately I've been flying the Huey a lot (in VR), but handling this bird got me wondering the following:

How do modern helicopters compare to the UH-1 when it comes to handling the controls? In the Huey you are constantly making control inputs to keep the thing steady, especially at low speeds or hover. Sometimes it feels like I'm stirring in a big pot of soup

Do modern helicopters still need this much of controls input, just to keep it steady?

I'd expect nowadays that these actions are taken over by flight control computers just like in fly by wire aircraft, but as far as I know, fly by wire still hasn't been implemented in modern helicopters.
Naah you’d never get anything done.
Helis do have stabilisation systems to ease the pot stirring but the modern ones have 4 axis autopilot that can do almost anything.

Look at the rotor head designs and that will tell you a bit how they handle.
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