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i fly 99% online so i got weather which is set in server so cant do much about it
its kinda pity that most servers have no wind no turbulence on
maby becouse clouds are broken i dont know

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I'm just going to say that the start-up is way too linear in DCS. I could start the Mustang blindfolded and sound muted every time. We need some dynamics there that actually make you have to pay attention, and doesn't make start-up so easy all the time.

I heard A2A did a good job on theirs, hopefully if ED and A2A pair up, we can get some changes done to our carbureted engines.

I'd also love to see more visual effects, like cold start smoke, and fire (where appropriate out of the stacks), like when overpriming for instance.

As I posted above, there are also NO coolant and aftercoolant vents in the DCS Mustang. They're not even minimally textured.
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