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This looks promising. Hows it coming along?
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Hi Nibbylot, how have you been? Any news or updates on this beautiful project? We are looking forward here .....

Big hug and success !!

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Look amazing!
Can't wait to fly it...…..



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I owe an update, but I've been away from my computer for 3 months and I've also been having issues with the AIM-9 no longer working and I just can't figure it out. The external model is also being reworked
F-20 Tigershark Project
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I'd love to see this become a thing for sure.

Also, I recall claims that the maintenance cost would have been much better compared with the F-16A. While the F-20 may not have been suited for USAF squadrons, I think it would have been a great export fighter.
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Originally Posted by Robert31178 View Post
"A shame they never introduced her into service."

Not really. The USAF did way better buying the Viper. It could carry more payload farther, the Viper also shared some parts with the Eagle, keeping costs. down. F-20 was designed initially for a Hornet engine, one of the main reasons that the USAF went with Viper over the YF-17. they would have looked like fools asking for money from Congress for the F-20 after having said they wanted the F-16 because of shared engines.

I know that it has been written that the F-20 may have been the best fighter never put into production, but from a sales standpoint it was doomed. The Viper could out-everything it, and it was also proven weapons system with sales all over the world.

That said, I'd fly it!!!

I still think the F-20 would have been a formidable low cost export fighter, just like what the F-5 always has been. The US always had better planes to go with than the F-5 as well which is why they never really used it themselves, apart from making them MiG-28s for Top Gun and using the two seated T-38s as trainers.

The pinnacle would be an F-29 though... but having an X-29 put into service would even more being what if than having the Tigershark. But I'd totally love to fly such planes in DCS, would be extremely interesting to see their (well approximated) FMs in action... but without all the data, it's hard to come by with DCS grade simulations for those anyway.
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I got the aim-9 working again and here's some progress on the stores page (this is not final, just testing the reading of stores)
F-20 Tigershark Project

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Good to hear that your project is progressing.
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cant wait for this to come out keep up the good work.
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