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Default Choosing the right Aircraft

Since this is my first post, I would like to say hello to everyone.

I hope this is the right place, to start this thread. If not, I am very sorry but I could not find any relevant place. As you probably realized, it will be one of those topics - which plane should i choose? However I would like to elaborate a little more in this case, so that you guys can provide me with feedback for which i kindly request. Because of this, i will try to point out some things about me and my experiences so far.

1. Why am I posting this, and what do I expect?

As an introductory part, I am not new to DCS. However I have decided to get help from You, by creating this topic. You can probably call me more of a "casual" pilot (if something like this exists...) so it means i fly time to time, jumping from one plane to another. Point is, I would like to change that. I would like to focus on one plane for a longer period of time. Learn it, fly it, gain more than a few hours of stick-time. Not that trying out new planes is and enjoying them is wrong, but i think i lack the proper focus to um... focus on one particular plane, which will suit me like a glove and I will be able to master it after a few months. A one that i will truly love to fly.

2. What do I like/feel is right for me in planes?

I would say it is balance. I like stable planes, with good electronics, which you do not fight and trim-constantly. Able knife fighters, with BVR potential, and some ground pounding possibilities. Creeping around the mountains on, but also being able to fly high and scan the horizon if needed.

3. What modules do I own?

- Flaming Cliffs planes
- Mirage 2000C
- A10C
- F18 Hornet
- Black Shark
- Pre-Ordered the F-14 Tomcat (yes, I was raised on Top Gun. Would be a sin if I had not pre-ordered it...)

3. What did i try so far, and have (i think at least) most experience in?

Well, a lot of them. The longest time i have spent in the past was on the following planes:

- F15C - I liked the BVR aspect quite very, but was not that good in dogfights, the Eagle bleeds speed and can be very unforgiving, requires a lot of focus when going knife to knife. Also spent a lot of time, switching constantly with radar options with my head over the radar display. I like the options of the weapon loadout.

- Su-25T - I enjoyed this flying tank very much. Very interactive and adrenaline pumped flying. Good stability, and maneuverability. What discouraged me, were the bombs. Felt like dropping nerf gun ammo in buckets on tanks.

- Mirage 2000C - Love its FBW and power. Very agile and quick. Quite nice systems, some BVR potential, great knife fighter. Lack of more AA missiles is a bit disturbing, however I can live with that.

- Mig29 - Before PFM, was flying it quite a lot. Sneaky style, hiding in the valleys. After PFM release, i tried it out. It is one hell of a knife fighter, but the constant trimming and the pilots struggle to fight the plane controls, can be tiresome. Also, fuel consumption can be a real SOB. Sometimes I was more worried about not to burn too much fuel, than to focus on a fight.

- Black Shark - handles very nicely, popping up from the hills and lurking behind them can also be fun. However the loadout... well, not that much to play with here.

4. What did I try a little bit, and have no opionion or simply lack experience to be talking about

- F18 - just a few sorties, but seems to be handling pretty well
- A10C - handles quite nice, but to be honest if it comes to specialized ground pounding i think I prefer the Black Shark. However the loadout seems fun, but still it is a ground pounder.
- Su27 - pretty much felt like flying the mig 29 pfm, but smoother and he is heavier. The missile options are great, but still... lots of triming. So i am not that convinced.

5. What was I thinking about?

- F5 Tiger - from what I have read, very nice and agile. Easy to learn. Somewhat old fashioned AA capabilities.
- Viggen - striker, seems to sound like fun. But really no big opinions also did not read too much about it.

6. Clickable or not clickable cockpit?

To be honest, both. I do not have anything against the FC options, and clickable ones.

7. My setup

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas + PS3 Eye Camera and Open Track. Yes, I use the cheap version with IR lights. I think this might be relevant, since Open track does not appear to be that good (it is sometimes bouncy) when it comes to knife fights. And bounciness during knife fights, seriously disturbs my situational awareness. I am planning on buying a Trackir in the future, but need to save money for it.


As you can see, I seem to lean towards modern fighters, but i might be wrong. I cannot decide what to pick/focus on. Any recommendation will be highly appreciated and I hope I described all above clearly, since DCS has changed very much, and up to date feedback is very important to me. Also, what i do know for sure is that I will jump into the F-14 when it comes out. For now however, please help me with choosing the right plane.

Thank you very much for all the feedback and assistance.
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To be honest you want F-18. You get all in one fighter.
I only played mig21 and fc3 planes but think f18 is allrounder you want.
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Hornet. Definitely.
Welcome to the crowd mate.
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I agree with the Hornet. The more I read of your opening essay, the more it screemed "Hornet" in my head. It's a great aircraft (although not my favorite) and it fits your preferences perfectly. It offers a lot of flexibility and can be used for pretty much everything. It handles outstandingly well and has FBW-autotrim. It's a modern aircraft with a lot of electronic systems and can fight very well, both against enemy air and ground.
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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M-2000C would fit what you want almost perfectly.
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As the others have said. Simply based on what you put in the first part of your post it's the Hornet. However Heatblur are going to be releasing the F-14 Tomcat soon and that sounds like something you will enjoy.

The Hornet is of course early access and you will have a long wait for the full package. I'm using that time delay in all the weapon systems to perfect A2A refuelling (nailing it now) and the type 1 and 3 recovery back to the carrier. Both challenging but incredibly rewarding when you get them right. So when the other systems kick in I can have fun incorporating them into my flights.

Hornet or Tomcat.
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The F18 has the capabilities that you’re looking for and if you add in the challenge of carrier landings, a wider scope than most.

The Viggen isn’t a fighter and it doesn’t carry the laser guided munitions of say the A10. It is however very characterful, is the only real anti-ship aircraft currently in game, and is awesome to use for a precision one pass strike against a known target.

If you already have the A10c and F18, go learn to fly them first as they have a LOT of depth to learn and perfect.
If you want something new, then the Viggen is a great aircraft and can do what it’s a specialist in aswell or better than anything else.
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I was also thinking Hornet. I am liking it so far and look forward to seeing it improve.
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Thank you very much for all the feedback. Then it seems the chocie is the Hornet.

If you have other suggestions/ideas, please feel free to share.

Meanwhile, wish you all great flying.
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It was like a math exercise and the result is Hornet. You're welcome.

Originally Posted by Mr.Scar View Post
PS3 Eye Camera and Open Track. Yes, I use the cheap version with IR lights. I think this might be relevant, since Open track does not appear to be that good (it is sometimes bouncy) when it comes to knife fights. And bounciness during knife fights, seriously disturbs my situational awareness. I am planning on buying a Trackir in the future, but need to save money for it.
As for this give it enough love - camera and IR-leds placement, exact measurements and config, maybe even different software - it's worth it unless you already tried everything. You can also make a thread about it to get help.
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