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Default Forum Warning System FAQ

What is it?

The warning system is simply a way to enforce the rules that have been set in place on these forums. The information is as important to us as it is to you. It shows you what is considered appropriate for these forums and what is not, with that you can adjust your posting style to suit.

Read the forum rules here:

How do I check my warning log?

Under your name in every post you make, or in your profile is a percentage number and a graphic bar, simply click on the number, and you will be taken to the warning log.

When should I check my log?

If you have a post removed, or if you see an increase in your warning points its a good idea to check your log and see if any information is available on the warning you were issued or why your post might have been deleted.

I had a post deleted and...

...there was no note? Its possible you were part of a mass deletion, sometimes an OT rant catches hold and all subsequent posts are deleted. There is really nothing to worry about in this case, but if you still want to understand why your post was removed, you can contact a moderator.

...there was a note with a 0% warning? In most cases a 0% warning is just a friendly reminder that your post did cut too close to the rules, or possible it was a mild first offence. There should be a description of why the warning was given, or reference to what rule was broken. Again, if there is any questions, you can contact a moderator.

I received warning points, why?

How we distribute warnings and bans is described in full here. This system was added to try and add a fair and consistent process for dealing with the forum rules.

Oh no! I have warning points, I am so embarrassed!

Don't worry, only you and forum staff can see these points. The general public can't see them.

I've been banned, what should I do?

The last thing you should do is create an alias account. If you create an alias account to circumvent the ban, as outlined in the rules, your original account will be moved to a longer ban term and the alias account will be perma banned.

If you think the ban was a mistake you can open a support ticket explaining the situation. Otherwise you just need to wait out your term, and review the rules so that you can avoid the same situation in the future.

If you have any further questions, by all means send me or someone on the Moderation team a PM.
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