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During today's match there was an issue with 51st using different air frames between rounds 1 and 2 with 51st winning both rounds. The first issue is that there is no definitive rule written in the rules set that states what happens when this occurs. The other issue is that the opposing team left after the second round was won and concluded.

Due to this, it was/is very difficult to determine what to do. Not wanting this to happen again, in all future matches teams will be required to stay available until the completion of all rounds and the team captains have stated that the match has concluded and no further rounds are needed.

Furthermore, the rules going forward for payload violations and aircraft violations will be a loss for the round where the infractions took place. If either team, for whatever reason is unable to continue for any reason the team that is unable to continue will be given the round loss instead. This new rule will be added to the OP.

Again, 51st apologizes for the issues in today's match and will work to make sure that this is not an issue going forward.
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Week 13:

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Thanks for the match IRIAF! In true ironic fashion it would of course be the tournament organisers that screw up the rules so apologies for that. At least it gave us all the opportunity to fly a 3rd round. Congrats to 1Pressure in particular for scoring kills on our dear (flight) leaders!

Next match InSky vs ITGC.

51st TS
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