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Default Bomb ripple bug

If you select.. lets say 4 bombs to be released... you will release less than 4 if you do not hold trigger long enough.
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I'm not sure it's a bug, look like a feature to me. But I might be wrong
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Well, any plane I flew in DCS including the M2000C requires to hold the ordnance drop button for 1 sec or longer to drop bombs and as soon as you release it, the drop is aborted.
In most manuals it is explicitly noted to hold it down for 1.5 to 2 sec to initiate a drop.
Think about a full max bomb load of 10 Mk82 on the Mirage, set to an interval that would give us 0.8 sec between drops.
The complete drop sequence is 8 sec and a bit more as you need to hold the pickle button before the drop starts.
Now you notice the civilian vehicle nearing the convoy you want to ripple upon from the front, a split second after you pressed and hold the butron, a second later (reaction time) you release it and only 2-3 bombs make it off the racks sparing innocent civilians lifes...

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