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Some interesting details about the 93
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YES...plz plz plz...MiG 21 Bison will rock the boats of all (me included) hardcore MiG 21 fans!
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Bisons solid
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Has there been any word from the developer on this topic?
They have managed to get a ground-mapping radar working in the Viggen, so I guess the biggest obstacle is out of the way.

Doesn't have to be the BISON specifically, I'd be happy with any other modernized Mig-21 variant. The LanceR C for example.
I read an article the other day that the MIG-21 LancerR C flown by Romania proved to be quite the challenge for a bunch of F-16s from Portugal during an exercise that was supposed to give romanian pilots a first look at their new office (Romania is in the process of replacing Mig-21 LanceR with F-16 Falcons).
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Not in service, not interesting, at least for me.
There are still so many in service interesting aircrafts which could be done.
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could be done, but if they're in service, the data might be not enough to simulate

I'd be up for an upgraded mig21

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A Vietnam era Mig-21 would be much more interesting.
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Well a Vietnam era Mig-21F-13 or MF etc would not really add anything new.

As while they would be suitable and helpful for some scenarios they would not really add
any new capabilities,
(And there is no real need for one either since there is no Map atm that would need a earlier Mig-21 for a realistic sceario)
so for now the Mig-21Bis fills all the needs for a "Old" Mig-21 Variant
and i think a Mig-21 F-13 or MF variant would be unlikely to get a tonne of sales
unless / before there is a Map / Scenarios where the Mig-21Bis would not fit.
(Vietnam map etc).

Where as a Mig-21Bison would add allot of new capabilities and make for a much more capable aircraft in the DCS scenario
and would likely get much more attention / Sales since it would be competitive enough with its R-73s and R-77s etc.

And Both the Mig-21 Bison and Mig-21 Lancer variants are in service
(Though the last Mig-21 Lancers are about to leave service now as Romania has started to Receive the F-16s from Portugal).

The Mig-21 Bison would probably be the best choice of the two since its
both more capable,will remain in service longer and is based on the Mig-21Bis
(where as the Air-Ground optimized Lancer A was upgraded from Mig-21M's and the Air-Air Optimized Lancer C were
upgraded Mig-21MF's).

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personally id rather see a mig23 ( ML/MLA/MLD), than yet another mig21 variant.


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I'd love Bison or LanceR, infact I'd take it over many planes, but I don't really see it happening, for a multitude of reasons.

Some of the reasons I can think of are:
- Even if they would be built upon MiG-21Bis (and in case of LanceRs even the base variant is not Bis), it would still be a big effort with 3D models, cockpits, especially the systems and even the flight model to some degree. It wouldn't be a trivial task to create it.
- Most people would prefer to have different airframes for diversity, rather than variants.
- Considering the two above together, it would probably be a financial risk for a dev studio to take it on, and if said dev studio would be someone other than Leatherneck, it would be even more of a colossal risk since they would have to do everything from scratch.

I'd also enjoy playing around with a MiG-21F13 but that'd honestly be mostly for curiosity's sake. MF or PFM? Well not sure I'd be too interested in them. I'd possibly get them in a sale as I love the Fishbed and would like the idea of collecting them but even I wouldn't justify getting an MF or PFM full price unless there are more 60s era stuff at the time.

In my opinion, the aircraft that would round out things nicely and give many scenario possibilities would be a RED attack aircraft like Su-17 or MiG-27, or Su-24 or maybe A5C.

Theoretically, we may be getting a MiG-23 from someone, as the cancellation of Razbam's attempt eventyally led to reason being a conflict with a future plan. MiG-23 itself is interesting, and if we get one, I would like seeing it also leading to MiG-27, even if it would still be big effort to change a MiG-23 into a MiG-27, I think their roles are so distinct, they would probably both sell nicely.

BTW, while I understand people being enamored the Vietnam idea, 60s birds would be competitive between only each other and there currently is zero of them in the sim. I just don't see DCS: Vietnam becoming a thing in at least a pretty long term. So Vietnam era MiG-21s would mostly be a curiosity, perhaps only possibly interesting for a Middle East scenario after Razbam release their Mirage III.
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