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Originally Posted by Contact409 View Post
that`s highy depend upon the individuals. Heard a pilot can spot the tiny dot at 20nm, others say 10, 15..everybody is different.
Actually its not. There are some serious scientific methodologies from "sensor world" like the Johnson Criteria that very effectively quantify that, and when coupled with what's known biologically about the human eye you can get some pretty reasonable figures on it, assuming you aren't actually hiring blind fighter pilots.



And hey turns out that ED/belsimtek is actually aware of this at least for "Virtual" pilots


But hey, its way easier to hem and haw about it I guess. If you want to discuss further...
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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
More like it's been going on since flight sims were a thing... although, back in the day when 640x480 was a thing and pixels were the size of your thumb it was somewhat less complicated
But even then you had that big red box around that blob...

But the soundtracks were "amahzing"
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Midi ftw, yo. Synthesizers are life.

I remember in Thunderhawk the best way to avoid fighters was to move very slowly while just a few feet off the ground. They'd just spray the area ineffectively. They probably couldn't see anything at 320x240 either...

God. How far we've come since I was a kid... anyway, all OT
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Many people cry about this in Russian forum, devs say always same, labels and our system is realistic, more realistic than in other games...
I see nothing near me, even with skype and F10 i can't find my friend 50% time, probably we never get better visibility.
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What I see on a 4K screen is fair. The problem is that DCS uses some sort of sprite that appears excessively large at 1080p making distant fighters visible at 30 miles. In 4K for me they become visible about 10 miles which is realistic.
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Thank you for the information / discussion folks. Okay, so basically Eagle Dynamics are aware but are doing nothing about the spotting mechanic because it is realistic. Seems reasonable. But what is therefore unreasonable - as pointed out by the last guy - is someone on 1080p getting a spotting buff due to unrealistic sprite blocks appearing early on their low resolution screen.

And answering the OP asking about me running in a lower resolution, yes that does make spotting easier. My 5K monitor is 5120x2880 and scaling that to 1080p would look horrible. But scaling to 1440p does not look too bad as 2560x1440 is an exact 1/2 fraction of my monitor scale on each axis. Also there are some other settings that help: turn off anti aliasing totally for example. On such a high resolutions screen you don't need it anyways. And set draw distance from High to Ultra.

Much as I love my 5K, 60Hz 27" monitor, I was looking at a new 1440p, 120Hz 49" monitor as a complement. I'd keep the 5K for another productivity / photography focused PC.
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Thousands of DCS players cannot be wrong. Seems like new threads about spotting pops up every week here or on Hoggit.

In theory ED’s approach might be correct. But It does not factor in current hardware limitations.
Other issues connected to this are color/contrast were units blend with the sky, strange behaviour with units popping in/out during zoom etc.

Hope to hear a response from ED soon on this issue. If they want WWII to grow, proper spotting is essential.
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Originally Posted by veenee View Post
It is by no means a solution, but have you tried lowering the resolution? Would that improve spotting? I am genuinely interested if you would see the difference... Saying that, I could try it myself. I always just assumed it's my fault when I can't spot bandits, not DCS' (3440x1440 user here).

Lowering resolution (assuming physical monitor size and other graphcis options remain the same) has been empirically shown to increase the range at which contacts become first visible in DCS. The tests have been done and published.
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for example in this case I can't see the helicopter but instead I can see its shadow on the ground and it is only 5km away


try also to position yourself at 5km of distance and tell me if you can see a helicopter or plane flying at low altitude.

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Originally Posted by ac5 View Post
Indeed by no means a solution.....
lol, aren't you a darling? ;-)

I think I will try running DCS in 2560x1080, last time I tried it didn't look too bad.

If it helps spotting other planes, it's worth it.
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