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Also noticed that you have to be super careful when trapping anywhere close to max weight at the moment, as your throttle range is usually pretty high and any larg-ish corrections bangs into the MIL range and instantly say goodbye to SB and DLC, and a stable approach lol. Frantically jabbing buttons and sliders on stick and throttle to get it all hanging out again while jamming the nose down .

But I believe the slow speed handling isn't quite dialled in yet as Windy says, very close to the drag curve.

Rest-assured thou - I am 'putting in the work!'
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This may seem obvious to others, but I had to adjust my throttle curves, the default 0 curve results in not enough travel in upper region for adequate GS control (with TMW) I was having the exact same control problems in the OP I could push all the way to the stop and still not reach Mil. I only noticed this when it was pointed out to me that my air-brake and DLC should retract at Mil. Must have missed it in NATOPS

Once I adjusted the curves to match my physical throttles I had much more control over power and the engines felt very responsive. I went from getting to slow all time and hitting one wires over and over, too being fast all the time and hitting four wires or getting over the top WOs repeatedly... lol But that I can fix!

Long story short check your curves.

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I personally had a curve from 16 on my throttle as a normal axis. The high precise area is in the center of the throttle where i need that precise movement for air to air refueling or the final landing.
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