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Originally Posted by ram0506 View Post
This is, what the homepage of StarVR says:

If they produce the StarVR One only for professional use and arcade, there is no reason for Pimax to be too much worried at the moment.
But if not, they are dead. StarVR is owned by ACER, that means a lot.
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What does it mean? Something different about Acer?

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The difference is one is a somebody and the other is a nobody.

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But everyone is a nobody until they are a somebody, no?

Besides, in reading through the website, it doesn't look like DCS will even work with it. "Development of new content or upgrading your existing VR experience to our premium wide FOV platform is made easy with our fully featured SDK."

The 210 FoV and foveated rendering sure sounds cool.
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Specs are really looking good. But I could imagine, that as soon as we see the price tag, it will become obvious, that this HMD is made for professional use.
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