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Thank you and its great to see another old Mig coming soon.
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Nice, can't wait for the MiG-23
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Nice!!! Looking forward to fly it! Definitley having a blast with all your modules!

Keep up the good work!!
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Looking forward to the Mig-23. First day purchase here.
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Yup, if it's as good as the Farmer got, it gon' be great!
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amazing news and picture! thanks
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Originally Posted by Bogey Jammer View Post
At least we'll certainly not be disappointed by the 3D model. But 2020 ?? does that mean early access again ?
Yes, but it can't get any worse than Windows 10.
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Bogey Jammer
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Yes it can. The artwork might be quite finished at the end of the year, with the usual texture bugs and historical inaccuracies, but globally I can't expect a module more than 20% completed.
This bird will need time, even if it's counted in Razbam time unit. No way I can be satisfied just by the looks.
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I'll buy :
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1. What is happening with the MiG-19 sound update?

2. f15 was mentioned in the newsletter but the MiG-23 wasn't?
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Don´t worry, the MiG-23 was missing the news but it was mostly that they forget to put it. The module is in the development and correctly licensed.

Regarding the sound for the 19, as soon as coders finish work on the first modules, the M2000 and the Harrier.
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